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Welcome to Oasis Tiki Huts, your one-stop shop for all your tiki hut contractor and outdoor bar requirements in St. Petersburg FL. Our talented artisans have accumulated 25 years of experience designing and constructing unique tiki huts, Chickee huts, and outdoor bars. We exclusively utilize materials of the best caliber, such as natural thatch, bamboo, and wood, to build structures that are not only stunning but also strong and long-lasting.

Services We Provide

Tiki Huts

Whether you want to construct a brand-new tiki hut or replace the roof of an existing one, our experts Tiki Hut Contractors in St Petersburg FL  will work closely with you to ensure your synthetic thatch installation project is successful.

Chickee Huts
Are you seeking Chickee huts builders? We will build what you imagine! You may create the backyard paradise you’ve always desired with our custom design and building services.
Palapa Huts
We are committed to producing unique Palapas of the highest quality for homes, restaurants, and businesses. We offer guarantees and use only the best materials when working.
Deck Building

Whether you want a wood or composite deck, we can design, repair, and build a stunning deck addition for your house. We are experts tiki huts contractor at dealing with multiple materials.

Synthetic Thatch Huts
Oasis Tiki Huts is proud to offer you a revolutionary solution that captures the essence of traditional thatched roofing while providing unmatched longevity and low-maintenance benefits.
Buildings Bars
You may design the synthetic thatch, natural Tiki Hut, bars, and outdoor space of your dreams with the help of our team of designers for a tropical outdoor paradise.

Relax Under The Shade Of A Custom-Built Tiki Hut

We recognize the importance of an outdoor area serving its intended purpose and capturing your style and vision. We collaborate closely with customers at Oasis Tiki Huts contractors to create unique tiki huts and outdoor bars that realize their dreams of a backyard paradise. Kindly contact us immediately to learn more about what we offer and how we can help you turn your garden into a tropical haven.

Where Paradise-Inspired Fantasies Come True

We combine our in-depth understanding of tiki huts with cutting-edge construction methods and superb craftsmanship to provide our customers with unmatched final goods. We look forward to meeting and exceeding the demands of business owners and residents in St. Petersburg, Florida, by continuing to construct the highest-quality tiki huts. Our installation and building services for synthetic thatch intend to give you a beautiful tiki hut.

Refresh Your Tiki Hut With Our Repair Services

Since we use as many natural materials as possible while building our huts, they occasionally need maintenance and repair to maintain their aesthetic appeal. We’ll carefully inspect your huts to identify any issues and offer the most affordable approach to address them. Consider us Florida’s one-stop business for each tiki hut contractors! We provide various services, including deck repairing, building tiki huts, and rethatching. Contact us if you need any other assistance or tiki hut roof repair.


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